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Thanks for stumbling upon my little space on the web.
I am Aman Roy. Presently I am a first year undergrad at GHRCEM, Pune. I am doing major in Computer Science. Basically, I am from a small town - Ara in Bihar, India.I am passionate about Competitive programming, AI, IoT, Algorithms and building things from the little I have.

I am kind of a person who enjoys small things. I live in moments as it's my last day. I like things which I can see or feel, that's why I love writing codes because I can see it happening.

I started coding at the age of 13. I build and break things as fast as I can. I like coding because it's fun for me.

As Linus Torvalds say,

Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program.

I started writing blog in 2017 as my new year resolution to express the things I experience. I can't predict what I am gonna write about, but I will write some tech stuffs, life experience and just random things which came into my mind.

My most of the time goes into coding, reading books, breaking things(for good reasons though) and completing some awesome MOOCs.

The best way to connect with me is by shooting me an email. My public key is 3E0F 4707 D0DD 596E. Do it without thinking twice. I love socializing.

Things you should know about me..

Favourite OS: UBUNTU
Favourite Language Python / C / C++
Favourite IDE Sublime / Atom
Favourite TV Series F.R.I.E.N.D.S



Message me on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter. See my latest pics on Instagram. See my codes on GitHub. Have a look on my portfolio on LinkedIn. Shoot me a mail too, and if you need use my public key on Keybase. See my recommendations on Medium and Disqus. You are free to ask me questions on Quora or Stack Overflow. I am a music lover too so here I am on Spotify. See my pins at Pintrest. I am on reddit too but don't use it that much.

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