45 Days of code

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45 days of code

Which programming language to learn first?

How to start learning to code from the very beginning?

Is it difficult to learn how to code?

and the list goes on…

These are the few questions people ask me all the time. Maybe you have also asked these questions from people around you or the internet. In this blog post, I have filtered almost all the online courses and blog posts and prepared a 45 days study plan for getting started in the world of programming. I have made it for 45 days so that it will fit into your summer/winter breaks. It is very beginner-friendly and it will start very slow. So, If you are an experienced programmer, don’t follow this path. All the source, I have listed is totally free. Only if you need certificate then you have to pay but certificates are overrated, don’t think about that.

Some commitments this path requires:-

Some motivation before you go ahead:-

Some tips to succeed in this path:-


Day [0 - 1]

For the very first day, it’s better to start slow. I am going to list some blogs where you will know some technical terms. Just skim through it.

  1. Technical stuff in layman’s language
  2. Few tips on programming
  3. A comic for understanding things better

Day [2 - 15]

The best starting point for any beginner will be Charles Severance course on Python. He is just the best teacher out there. He will teach you python as well as how to learn on your own. Watch all the lectures and try to solve all the problem sets.

[Coursera] Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)

P.S. - When you click on enroll button, a pop-up will show up for starting your course. Look at bottom left corner, click on “audit course” option. This is a free course. You don’t have to pay anything.

Day [16 - 23]

Now you have basic knowledge of python. Time to have a good amount of practice. In these 8 days, you will practice! practice! practice!

  1. Complete this in 4 days. It is curated in a way so that you can finish it in only 13 hours. Do it very well because I have given more time than required. It will give you best hands-on experience.
    Python || Codecademy 

  2. Take 2 days to complete this. Do only Introduction, Basic data types, Strings and math section. You can do all the sections if you want but the sections I have mentioned is compulsory. If you get stuck for long, google for solutions.
    Hackerrank || Python practice

  3. Last 2 days, solve at least 25 question given in the link below. There are 36 questions, as I am writing this. There are solutions too but don’t peek into it if you haven’t fought with the question at least for a half of an hour. You can solve all if you can.
    Practice Python || Beginner Python exercises

Day [24 - 29]

These 6 days are given for books. Video lectures are good but they can never surpass books in any way. Books will give you underlying mechanism.

  1. You have already learned many things in python. 2 days is enough to skim through it. There are some parts of “Object-oriented” section which you will feel a little difficult to grasp. You can skip those section if you want. Just go easy on this online book. Don’t try to read each and every word.
  2. The second book I am going to mention is not on python. It is about algorithm and data structures. Google these terms if needed. This book includes 11 chapters. Try to cover at least 3 chapters a day so that you can complete the whole book in 4 days at max. This book teaches very complicated computer science stuff with the help of graphics. You will surely fall in love with this book.

Day [30 - 45]

This is the last thing you have to do. This course requires more time than I have given. I have done this to see if you have become a fast learner or not. This is the essence of everything. You must have to put in more time than required in this. Complete all the problem sets. Don’t skip that.

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

Final Words

Aaron quote

Kudos, you are a rare species now if you have completed even some portion of it because only 0.5% of people know how to code. This is just a beginning. There are so many things to learn. Ask for help if needed in the comment section below or contact me on my social media handles. I will love to guide you as much as possible.

Go explore, adventure is waiting!

Happy coding!

Aman Roy

Aman Roy

Geek, coder and pythonista!

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