Hello, World!

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This is going to be my first blog post on my own website. I titled it “Hello, world!” after thinking a lot. I finally came up with this title because I am a programmer and all the programmers out there are keeping there first blog post title “Hello, World!” too. So, I have to follow there rituals.

I am going to write a blog post twice a month because I want to try something new. I think sharing knowledge and experiences is a good thing. Writing blog is my new year resolution too but I am delaying it because my exams are going on.

I will mostly write about my experiences with technology and life. I will also write some random things which I really don’t know right now. I love coding very much. I wanna try DS, Algorithms and Machine learning too this year.

So, that’s all. See you around.

Aman Roy

Aman Roy

Geek, coder and pythonista!

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